I love color. A lot. My clothes are a variety of wild colors, as is my house. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to pick a color scheme, aside from rainbow. At one point I felt that the living room was coming together in the palate of orange and turquoise, not the typical color combination, and one to make the television home decorators faint. I also did my M.F.A. thesis on how color can be used as a tool in dance design and choreography. Long story short, color speaks to me, and I strive to be in tune with the colors that surround me.

Color has actually been used since ancient times as a healer and there is science behind the healing properties of color. In a nutshell, each color vibrates with a different frequency. These vibrations have a physical and mental effect on the body. You’ve probably heard of seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, which happens during the winter months when people (especially those living in very cold climates) don’t get enough sunlight and their mood is seriously affected. Sunlight includes the full color spectrum and the body needs to absorb this light to feel healthy both physically and mentally.

I once injured my foot to the point that I could not walk and I had extreme pain and swelling. We never figured out what triggered this, but my foot was pretty messed up. I worked for weeks with a physical therapist trying a variety of  remedies to take down the swelling and reduce the pain. The most effective tool was the use of the red laser light. I would simply sit for thirty minutes with the laser on my foot, absorbing the healing properties of red.  After only two treatments the swelling was drastically reduced and I could even walk a bit. Of all the things we tried for my foot the most effective was highly concentrated colored light.

One could spend much time researching and studying the healing effects of color. I would simply like to introduce readers to the concept and give you some simple ways to start working with color. For starters, it is helpful to know what moods/emotions are generally associated with each of the seven colors of the visible spectrum. Below is a list of some common ground definitions for the meaning of color. I call them common ground because in my research these properties seem to always be associated with the particular color.

Red: Vitality, courage, security, self-confidence, strength, stamina

Orange: Happiness, desire, creativity, emotion, pleasure, intimacy

Yellow: Personal power, dedication, commitment, drive, ambition

Green: Love, forgiveness, compassion, trust, balance, renewal, growth

Blue: Decisiveness, truth within self, communication, focus, clarity behind illusion

Indigo: Intuition, vision, psychic powers, seeing beyond,

Violet: Peace, bliss, inner knowing, spiritual love, divinity, inspiration

A picture from my thesis concert on color in choreography and dance design.

There are some very simple ways to work with color on a daily basis.  For starters, simply wake up to the color around you. Be cognizant of all the colors in your day. Appreciate the beautiful color of natural things like flowers and plants, but also of man-made items like buildings and cars. Become aware of what colors tend to pop-out at you. Does a particular color seem to appear a lot in your life? That’s probably telling you something. For example, if you’re encountering a lot of blue the spirit could be telling you that you are a very truthful person who is an excellent communicator. Or it could be the opposite. The spirit may be sending you a message that you need to work on your communication skills and get your life back in focus.

Think about your favorite colors. That also says something about you. My favorite color is orange, which supports the facts that I am a happy, creative person. It also informs me of things I could work on, like how I may desire material things too much. Your favorite color gives you some introspective about yourself, as does the colors you don’t like as much. If you have a total distain for certain colors that could really be an indicator of areas in your life that need improvement.

A fairly obvious way to work with color is to wear it. If you are facing a difficult day full of obstacles and challenges try wearing red. Wearing red will boost your confidence and strength. It will also help others to recognize your vitality and courage. If you need some calm in your life try wearing a cool color like blue or violet. Thee colors will help quiet you and help those around you to be more serene.

One of my favorite quick color fixes is to breathe it. When I see a color that really resonates with me I take a moment to absorb it and breathe it into my body. This also helps to deal with various obstacles encountered on a daily basis. Are you about to go nuts from sitting in horrible traffic? Just take a moment and breathe in the beautiful blue sky. Breathe in the calming blue and breathe out the stress of driving. Do you need a little pick-me-up before dealing with a difficult co-worker? Before confronting the individual take a big breath of red.

I have a particularly effective color breathing meditation that can be adjusted for a variety of situations.  I take the time to breathe in one color and exhale a different color. Say I’m having trouble falling asleep. I will meditate on my breathing and breathe in blue while exhaling yellow or orange. I imagine filling myself with the soothing, calming color while expelling the energetic one. This of course works in reverse. If I need energy or strength I breathe in yellow or red while exhaling blue or violet. I try to hold the breathing pattern long enough that the color behind my eyelids becomes the color I am breathing in.

There are a number of ways to work with color, and color correlates to different metaphysical aspects like chakras and crystals/stones. Many books have been written on the healing properties of color as well as these correlations. If this subject interests you I highly recommend that you do some research into this field. The purpose of this post is simply to introduce people to some easy yet effective ways to bring more color into your life, because life is way more fun in Technicolor than in black and white.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cinnageek
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 07:09:10

    Love it! I love colour too. My landlord once said to me after laundry day “When you put your clothes up on the line its so cheery!” lol There is much hot pink, turquoise, purple and red…

    🙂 Great post.


  2. J M B Lillies
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 14:01:43

    Great post, I’ve done the breathing in of colour too, only my visualization is to change the colour of my aura. Same idea though. I am intrigued to learn more about the healing properties of colour.

    Thanks for your post.


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