The Fear

I have a wonderful friend who is amazing at coining phrases. Unfortunately I haven’t seen, or even talked to her in ages (I actually will get to see her in a couple weeks in Vegas of all places, but that’s a different story). However, in our time together she was always coming up with new phrases and terms for everyday objects.  I assume she still has this gift, and the people in her life get to reap the benefit of adding to their vocabularies and colloquialisms. I still use many of the phrases and terms I got from her, but there is one that is a true favorite, the fear.

What the fear means to me has possibly drifted from how she originally coined it, but then again, maybe not. It’s just become such a regular concept for me that I’m sure my personal experience with it has shaped it.

On the deepest level the fear is an intuitive warning, or your inner-voice speaking. It’s a protective measure that bubbles up whenever you are about to place yourself in danger. For example: Walking alone down that dark alley late at night gives me the fear.  That’s some pretty basic instinct in action, and a pretty obvious example. Hopefully everyone’s danger instinct would prickle at that. Most of us know this is a bad choice without any instinct even having to kick in. But we can all relate to the example in a broad sense. We’ve all been in a situation that gives us the fear and our danger instinct reacts, warning us to get out of that situation.

People can also give us the fear. I know you’ve encountered these people. They leave you feeling unsettled and that something is not quite right.  They might make you nervous or anxious, and they are definitely people you don’t want to hang out with. I really try to listen to my intuition with these people and proceed with extreme caution. 

In all honesty, I usually refer to the fear in much lighter situations. For example, dead, or even worse, not quite dead and still wriggling, cockroaches give me the fear. I see one and I am instantly afraid it will suddenly jump up and fly at my face (I live in Texas, roaches fly here). I know that this won’t actually happen, but seeing those little buggers writhing on their backs sure gives me the fear. 

I think it’s a wide variety of the little things that truly produce the fear as coined by my friend. Of course, I could be way off base here. If so I hope to hear about it in Vegas.

More examples:

While swimming in the lake something brushed my leg and gave me the fear.

Reaching into that deep, dark hole to retrieve my dropped keys gives me the fear. (You may ask, just what were you doing that you managed to drop your keys down a deep, dark hole?) 

Presenting my research in front of all those people gives me the fear.

I’m confident that we’ve all experienced the fear. It comes in many forms from cases of true-life preservation to silly little situations. Particularly in the case of the big stuff you can even feel the fear in your body. Your chest tightens, you may feel a little tingle, and perhaps your throat closes a little. This instinctive reflex produces a very physical reaction. When this level of the fear kicks in you better listen to that inner voice and get yourself out of the situation. 

But when something small and irrational gives you the fear then you need to just suck it up and conquer it. We all know that person who is scarred of a variety of little things, and we all have our little whatevers that give us the fear (like half-dead, still wriggling cockroaches). Really the key is to recognize when you are in true peril and your gut instinct is screaming at you to save yourself versus when you are just over reacting to some small thing. I will try to remember my own advice when I find that cockroach and stand screaming in the hallway for my husband to come remove it.

The fear really is a metaphysical concept. It’s the ability to hear your inner voice and react appropriately. It’s the fear instinct of your sixth sense. There is no concrete, proven evidence that humans have a sixth sense, but most Pagans know that it’s there. We also spend time developing it and learning how to listen to it because our inner voice often has some pretty good stuff to say. Just be careful about those little things. Learn to know the difference between true fear instinct and petty disturbances. 

Now ask yourself, just what gives you the fear? And please, feel free to share…


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  1. The Faery Enchantress
    Mar 24, 2012 @ 03:44:48

    I really enjoyed your blog, fear…..even the word can have a cold feel to it.

    Rachel x


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