Gremlin Troubles

There’s a pesky little beast that likes to mess with me, the gremlin. These gremlins focus on one particular way of toying with me, they hide things.

I am a pretty organized person, and I’m someone that has a place for everything. My keys go to a particular spot, the cell phone has it’s own nook, everything has it’s own little place, and I’m very good at putting things in their places. I don’t come home and toss my keys wherever; they always go on the key hook. I also always know where my stuff is. And the gremlins also know this. That’s why they mess with me.

It's really difficult to find a gremlin image that's not from the movie. These are the movie gremlins, but at least it's an artists (DarkJak) rendition.

Every now and then they take little things.  They don’t take my keys or phone, because that’s too obvious. They take really common objects, and they strike when I least expect it.

One of their favorite things to do is mess with me in the kitchen. I get out a glass and set it on the counter. I get the ice out of the freezer and when I turn around the glass is gone. I know I set the glass on the counter! And, that particular glass is not in the cupboard, or the sink or the dishwasher! I do not have any kids or roommates, and my husband is not home. There is no other possible explanation for the disappearance besides gremlins.

I get another glass and make my drink. Two hours later I come back to the kitchen and the original glass is sitting on the counter. The gremlins brought it back, as they always do.

They never steal things; they take things and give them back later. And when they give them back it’s always very obvious. They don’t hide the item; they just leave it right out in the open, and often in the same place from which it disappeared.

Let me state, this is my personal experience with gremlins. I really have no idea what others experience with the little buggers. I did encounter someone mentioning them in passing a few weeks back in a post for this project, and they have similar experiences. I sure wish I remembered who that was! If you happen to read this, please leave me a message so we can talk gremlins…. But anyway, I just want to be clear that this post is my personal experience, and I have come to call them gremlins all on my own.

I would like to add this though. I did a quick Google search on gremlins for fun, and they did pop-up separate from the popular ‘80’s movie. By definition they are little impish creatures, but they are generally associated with mechanical things, especially aircraft. Gremlin lore boomed in the 1940’s during WW II among fighter pilots, and some pilots had little rituals to ensure they were flying gremlin free. Interesting…

Perhaps the gremlins are trying to send me a message. It may be because I am so organized with all my things that they strike. I probably need to let go more. All my little objects do not each need their own pocket, or nook, or hook. I can relax more, and not be so anal about my stuff.  I think that is the message I can take from their antics.

Now when the gremlins strike I just take a deep breath and walk away. The less of a reaction they get out of me, the less they mess with me.  I have learned that if I just leave the scene they will bring the object back. And this works freakishly well.

For as far back as I can remember, only one item truly disappeared, never to be seen again: shelf pegs. I had a little pile of them, I put a few in the shelf, turned around to get more, and the pile was gone. I looked everywhere, as I was in the middle of the shelving project, but no pegs were to be found. I left the room and did something else for a while. No pegs. I waited a few days. No pegs. I pleaded with the gremlins and left them little treats (side note: I’ve found that only in extreme circumstances should you offer them treats. If you do that too much then they expect it, and won’t ever give anything back without receiving a treat for it.). The treats stayed where they were, and no pegs turned up. Finally I gave up, and fashioned my own pegs out of materials around the house. In the coming months I completely cleaned and reorganized that room but I never found those darn pegs. Their disappearance is a true mystery, and I don’t even blame the gremlins on that one.

Does anyone else have a gremlin problem? Does anyone else have the problem of mysteriously disappearing and reappearing objects but call it by a different name? I’d love to hear some thoughts on this one, if for no other reason than to reassure me that I’m not completely crazy.


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