My Life as a Hobbit

In my observations I have noticed that many people, most especially Pagans, tend to identify with and compare themselves to some mythical/fantasy being or another. I’ve always wanted to think of myself as fairy or elven like. I want to be the pixie character that is little and cute and can daintily flit around from place to place. I’d love people to refer to my pointed elven features or my thin fairy body. But as much as I want to identify with and be compared to elves, fairies, and pixies, I have to come to terms with the fact that really I am more of a hobbit.

The general characteristics of hobbits fit me to a tee.

Hobbits like to wear bright colors, particularly yellow and green. One of my most notable characteristics is my love of loud, bright colors, and my ability to wear them all the time. And what was the last item of clothing I bought? A day-glow yellow hoodie. I had to have it all because of its color. I saw it hanging in the store and the yellow just screamed BUY ME. How could I resist?

Me, sporting some of my best hobbit attire.

Me, sporting some of my best hobbit attire.

Hobbits love to eat, and are usually chubby or fat. Guess what people, even though I am a dancer I am not of an elvish frame. I’ve always struggled with weight. I’m not huge, I’m a good average size, but I’m no waif, and I love a good meal. I’m also a big fan of the hobbit meal plan, especially second breakfast.

Hobbits are short. I am 5’2” and I have very short arms and legs. This was a rough characteristic to accept when growing up with dreams of becoming a ballerina. Those early ballerina dreams of mine were dashed pretty quickly when puberty hit and it became obvious that I would never have that willowy, long-limbed ballerina frame.

Hobbits have skillful fingers, as do I. I spend a lot of time sewing and I love to work with seed beads (those little, tiny beads) in peyote stich and bead weaving. My fingers may be the most nimble part on my body.

Hobbits have little to no facial hair. Yes, I am a female so I would hope I have no facial hair, but I actually have very little body hair in general. And the men in my family do not have much facial hair. My dad and brother have never been able to grow beards. Another sign there’s hobbit in my bloodline.

Hobbits have tough, hairy feet. While my feet are not hairy, they are quite tough, and although they are small, they are wide. Again owing to years of dancing barefoot, I have built up great calluses and can do a number of turns barefooted. And the one part on my body that is suited to ballet are my feet. I could always wear pointe shoes with much less pain and blistering than my peers. My wide feet and stumpy toes also made going en pointe much easier than it is for those with narrow, tapered elvin toes.

Hobbits have the ability to disappear quickly and silently. I really work on this skill in myself. In fact, I just used it to disappear after the end of a boring meeting without anyone grabbing me to chat. When I want to get the heck out of somewhere I can usually do it very swiftly without being detected.

Hobbits love laughter and celebration. Hey, who doesn’t? But I think hobbits really value the joy of laughter and the fellowship a good celebration can bring. I am a professor, and I always want my students to be enjoying their education and my classes. I value laughter in the classroom, and encourage students to be comfortable with enjoying themselves. Some people are really serious all the time, but us hobbits don’t mesh well with these types.

Hobbits love celebration, but they also value peace and quiet. This is most definitely me. I need my quiet time, and there is nothing I love more than being at my house, hanging out with my animals, enjoying some peace and quiet.

Finally, Hobbits love to smoke tobacco. Yeah, well, so do I.

Honestly, this blog was the first time I really explored the different characteristics of hobbits. I always knew I was hobbit like, but in my elusive quest to become a pixie I didn’t acknowledge my hobbitness. After doing a little research I now know I am very hobbity, and I accept this. Just like the world needs fairies, elves, and pixies, it also needs hobbits. We’re a fun, happy, steady bunch and there’s nothing wrong with being a hobbit. From here on I’m going to embrace my hobbitness, and acknowledge and celebrate my hobbit ways in true hobbit fashion, with a big meal, a quiet celebration with friends, and a little tobacco.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Annika
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 04:45:08

    I love this blog post hehe if only I was short I could be a hobbit too, maybe I am just an unusually tall hobbit 🙂


  2. knorway
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 09:14:39

    i have always related to hobbits, my short shy yet adventurous stature has brought me many places and even though i like to be at home a good outing could teach me or bring me to something noteworthy!


  3. Elayne
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 11:44:38

    I really enjoyed your post. If anyone could be a Hobbit, it would be you!


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