Names that start with “N”

I have a confession. I have embarked on a blog marathon. I am going on vacation and will be unable to get my blog done each week. So in true Capricorn moon fashion I have pre-written three weeks worth of blogs. This is where that fierce Capricorn determination really comes into play. I committed myself to the Pagan Blog Project and to me that means extreme dedication. I set a personal goal to get every post in every week on time and so far I have done so. I can’t let vacation mess that up! Therefore I wrote Medusa, Moon in Capricorn, and Names that start with “N” all in one sitting on June 22. I did have to post in the PBP website late because as fate would have it the one time I didn’t have internet for a week the site went down…oh well…This is a pretty remarkable task for me, because I don’t particularly like to write. But I will say this, sticking to this blog project has made me a much better, and much faster, writer.

So onto “N” names. Again I was stuck, and again I looked at Barbara Walker’s “Encyclopedia of Women’s Myths and Secrets”. Followers of this blog may groan here, because Ms. Walker’s book has come into play many times. But it’s such a great resource, and I genuinely find the entries to be pretty fascinating, that’s why I’m compelled to share.

In looking through the “N” section I saw an interesting pattern. There are a number of intriguing characters with “N” names, perfect for my first “N” post.  There are actually so many of them that it was difficult to choose the most interesting. So I’m basically giving you a laundry list of “N” people. I hope that one resonates with you and leads you to find out more about this person/Goddess/God. And yes, I have taken these definitions verbatim from the book. I have not included the entire definition, but what is there is word-for-word.

First up, Nagas- Vedic serpent-people, children of the Goddess Kadru. The Nagas guarded treasure in underwater palaces and kept books of mystic knowledge…


Nammu- Sumerian name for the Mother of the Universe, represented by an ideogram meaning “sea”… According to Sumerian scriptures, she “gave birth to heaven and earth.”

Namrael- Manichean name for the mother of Adam and Eve… She was an esoteric remnant of the primal Goddess who gave birth to the first couple in her magic garden.

Nanda Devi- “Blessed Goddess,” the mountain-mother who gave birth to the Ganges; one of the holiest mountains of the Himalayan chain.

Nanshe- “Interpreter of Dreams,” Babylonian title of the Goddess who gave priests the ability to interpret and prophesy from other men’s dreams. To acquire this ability, priests underwent an initiation ceremony of descent into her “pit,” a symbolic death and resurrection…

Nehellenia- “Nether Moon,” a variant of the Goddess Hel, or Holle, after whom Holland was named. Altars and artifacts dedicated to her were found in Holland after the great storm in 1646 washed away the soil that had buried them.


Nekhbet- Archaic Egyptian name for Mut, the Vulture-goddess of death and rebirth.

Niobe- “Snowy One,” Anatolian Mountain-goddess whose worshippers were destroyed by patriarchal Hellenic tribes. Greek myth therefore made her a mother forever mourning her “children” slain by the Olympian gods. Greek writers pretended she was a woman too proud of her children, so the gods killed them to punish her hubris.Niu-Kua- Legendary Chinese empress who reigned 130 years and had the magical ability to command the movements of the heavenly bodies…

So there you go, some “N” characters for you to think about. Hopefully something in that list peaked your curiosity at least a little bit. And I just realized that with the exception of Nagas they are all women. I guess I have some goddess issues to resolve…


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