New Meganism

As I’m sure most of us Pagan’s have done, I have spent years defining/determining what my true religious beliefs are. Conveniently, although I go by Maggie, my real name is Megan, which so nicely rhymes with pagan. This has led me to give my personal religion a name, New Meganism.

I am definitely a solitary. I have never belonged to a coven or religious group since making the full break from Christianity. I have also spent much time over the years really examining religion and what is important to me. These examinations have allowed me to focus in on the core of my beliefs and although I am always changing, adapting, and refining, I believe I have identified the basics that make up New Meganism.

My real ventures into alternative religions and Paganism really began in high school with astrology. To this day astrology is very important to me and I generally know the astrological make-up of the people I interact with on a regular basis. Knowing a little something about someone’s astrological signs really do help guide me in forming relationships with people. 

Another element I have a long history with are crystals and stones. I am a total rock nut and my collection is extensive. I know a lot of the properties of stones without referencing them, but I’d like to know more. Rocks fascinate me and I love working with them. I also do a lot of jewelry work and I only use real stones. I love to craft jewelry that has a lot of energy, and sometimes I’ll put stones together in a necklace for a certain goal, like bringing good luck or attracting love.

New Meganism is an earth centered religion. I believe in the spirit of the earth and I feel that spirit is in everything. I also have a deep connection with animals and strive to have as much communion with the animal kingdom as I can. I believe in animal guides and signs and I love to be surrounded by animals of all kinds.

I am very in to multi-theism and I borrow gods and goddesses from many cultures and religions. Although, I have a propensity for Hindu figures and most of the gods and goddesses I have a close relationship with are Hindu. One exception to this is the Virgin of Guadeloupe, a Catholic figure. I love her so much, and I will be discussing her in a future post.

I like to work with the chakras and they are an important tenant of New Meganism. With chakras I also work with color and meditation. These three aspects are a little newer to me, but I have found them to be powerful and offer up many healing qualities.

Karma is a big one for me, although I am in the process of really defining just what it means. In general I know that we receive back the energy we put out. I don’t so much think that if I do something mean to someone it will come back at me right away in the form of someone being mean to me. But, I do know that if I am always mean then I will live a life with negative energy coming back at me all the time.

Of course I believe in magic and energy work. Although, these are probably the newest components I am exploring. My summer goal is to learn more about chaos magic. Only recently did I read a little blurb about it and that blurb hooked me instantly. Now I have some juicy books on the shelf just waiting for me to dive in.

As far as energy goes I am finally beginning to have a better grasp on the concept….which is wide ranging and complex. But I have always sensed the energy in everything and felt it in myself, other humans, animals, and the natural world. 

Ever since I was a kid I believed in ghosts in some form, and they scared me. I think I may have had some ghost sensing abilities but I never let them develop because of my fear. In my life I have had some ghostly encounters and lived in houses with ghosts, but my childhood fear is deep and I have always stayed on the sidelines when it comes to working with ghosts and spirits.

Finally, I am a firm believer in reincarnation. I believe we live many, many lives before finally moving on to a different form of existence. I believe we live different lives to obtain the lessons we need to become a perfect being and in these lives we can be humans or animals. I also think that in our various lives we keep encountering certain spirits that are important and connected to us. In the Christian view of heaven you go there and meet up with all the people and animals that you were close to in your physical life. I believe we do keep meeting these people and animals, but we meet them in different incarnations as we pass through our various lives.

So, that’s just a little summary of New Meganism. I’ve been thinking about my little brand of religion for many, many years but only recently have I began to try to clarify and define it. The process of doing so has really helped me in my religion and my religious goals. I’m sure this will be a life long process, and I can only hope that it is helping me to become a better human.


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  1. Meg Smith
    Jul 14, 2012 @ 05:19:34

    That is awesome, my real name is megan and thats what i call my religion- Meg-anism lol I had never heard that before and when this post popped up in my email I had to double take! So yay for the Megans!

    Blessings to you



  2. etain1
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 21:30:45

    Great Read


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