Orange Makes Me Happy


Abstract Orange Painting by April Marie Mai

I love the color orange. It’s pretty much my favorite. Being a Gemini it’s difficult to pick a favorite anything, but I have arrived at the conclusion that when pressed, I have to say orange is my favorite color.

Orange has some great properties. It brings joy into one’s life, it helps remove inhabitations and limitations, it promotes social behavior and friendliness, it aids with depression, pessimism, and fatigue, and it has a delicate sensual quality. Orange is a happy color and it adds a little spice to life. It is a little less intense than red but still has a warm, fiery quality. It is celebration and good times, free expression, and excitement.

Orange is a social color and it’s the color for making friends. It is also a color that supports and enriches the creative spirit.

Some negative properties of orange are: it can lead to self-indulgence, it promotes anxiety, and it has temporal power.

An interesting side note about orange, there wasn’t a word for the color orange until the 1700’s. Until then orange only referred to the fruit, which many people living in colder climates had never seen. Therefore any color that was warmer than yellow or lighter than red was called gold, or just called yellow or red.

Sunset Painting by Stella Dunkley

Sunset Painting by Stella Dunkley

Orange correlates to the second or sacral chakra. Although we may think of the first chakra as being the source of sexual energy it is actually the second chakra that holds this energy. It is also the source of creative energy and pure emotion.

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen slightly above the genital area. It is responsible for the lower back and the organs located in the abdominal region. If you have back pain you probably have some trouble with the second chakra. This pain can be tied to having trouble releasing emotion. If you are having trouble with your back or something like painful menstruation you may have an emotional block and problems with your sacral chakra.

The relationship between the chakras, color, and spiritual, mental, and physical health is vast. One could spend a lifetime studying the correlations. I have barely scratched the surface, but color and the chakras are very interesting to me and I have found working with them to be very satisfying. I present a little taste of it here to encourage anyone that finds it interesting to do some research of their own.

Idaho by my amazing artist friend Emily Boespflug

Idaho by my amazing artist friend Emily Boespflug

Your favorite color reveals a lot about you both positive and negative. With my love of orange, it is easy to see the creativity in my daily life. I am also youthful and usually energetic. I have had back and menstrual problems almost my entire life. I do have problems releasing certain emotions, and there are some issues with sexual energy…sorry, I’m just not going into that one in this blog, but I am putting it out there to illustrate a point. The point being, discovering the attributes of a color and its associated chakra can reveal a lot about you. It also gives you a path for working to correct these issues by working on balancing and unblocking the chakras.

My wonderfully orange snake, Nando.

My wonderfully orange snake, Nando.

So there’s my little blurb about my love of orange and a little bit about what that reveals about me. If you haven’t already done so I encourage you to think about your favorite color. Then look up the properties of that color and its corresponding chakra. In doing so I bet you’ll reveal some interesting information about yourself.


For this post I used “Color Alchemy” by Jami Lin and “Color Magic” by Richard Webster as references.


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