People I’ve Met Before

I bet most of us have had the experience of meeting a new person, and having the uncanny feeling that you’ve met them before. In my opinion, you probably have met before in another state of being or in another life. I think we all live many, many, lives. These lives can be as humans, animals, or plants. I also think in our spirit form we decide what sort of life to live next, and choose depending on what sorts of challenges and lessons we need to face to reach a higher state of being or enlightenment. In spirit form I believe there are other spirits we are connected to. These spirits can be seen as guides, companions, soul mates, or whatever feels appropriate. Although there are many spirits we are connected to, I believe there are about fifty that journey from incarnation to incarnation together. These of course are the people, animals, and natural things that we are closest to in each life. Therefore I don’t have the notion that when we die we go to heaven and meet up with our loved ones. Rather, when we leave this incarnation our spirit goes to a realm where it decides what form to take next. In this spirit realm we can mingle with other spirit energies, but there is no physical form. In my belief, it’s in our next life that we get to be with our loved ones again.

Back to those approximately fifty spirits. They will always be in your lives in this world. You will always incarnate in lives that cross paths. In one life a particular spirit may be your mother, in the next your best friend, in the next your beloved cat, and on and on. Your spirits will stay connected forever, even when you elevate to a higher state of being.

I believe there are a core group of spirits that always incarnate in very close relationships, like family members and very close friends. Outside of this core but within the group of fifty you will have some lives where you have a close relationship but others where that spirit just passes through. I have recently had that experience, and it was rather powerful.

I was in need of a new dancer for my company. I had a great performance opportunity but only one of my regulars could do the three week performance commitment. Recently I had seen a solo performed by a member of my friends dance company and I was quite impressed. I asked my friend if I could ask her dancer to also dance in my company and she was fine with that.

And that began my relationship with Stacey.

She fit in instantly. I mentioned in a previous blog that I don’t do auditions because I have to find people that mesh together well and you can’t get that from an audition. Stacey is a prime example of that. I had felt her vibe out by getting to know her a bit through her work with my friends company. I just felt like she would make a fantastic ChinaCat and she did. Everyone loved her and she was amazing to work with.

She is also an amazing human, and someone I believe to be in my group of spirits. I felt a closeness to her that developed very quickly, like we already knew each other.

After a fabulous six months Stacey made the decision to move to New York. I was very happy for her and completely supportive of her journey, but my heart was heavy. I was going to miss her a lot.

I believe Stacey is a spirit I always incarnate with. We meet in every life and sometimes we have a long, close relationship and sometimes we just pass through to say hi. Now, in this case she just moved. Our relationship in this life is not over, and we may find ourselves in the same geographical space again. But I know she is someone I meet in every life I live.

And at her going away party a couple interesting things occurred. One, I met two really great people and found an instant connection. Then I met a third person where we got into the game of how do I know you. You know that game. Someone seems familiar so you go through a long laundry list of places where you may have met. Well, we probably did meet before, in another life. These three new people were definitely magical and we talked for a long time. They all live in my city and I am excited to see how our relationship develops.

The universe was speaking. Yes, Stacey was called to move to a different space but she showed me three new people to meet and develop relationships with.

I know I am connected to Stacey on a deeper level. We have made many journeys together and in this particular incarnation we have paths to follow that don’t allow for as much crossing as other incarnations may have.

All of this is of course my opinion. This is just my personal belief about reincarnation. I’m not out to convince anyone to see my way or believe in it. It’s just what I believe, and it brings me solace when I loose a loved one. I know I will see them again, and again, and again as our spirits are forever connected.

So just think, the next time you meet someone that you feel like you’ve met before, you probably have.


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