Variscite is one of those rocks that came to me when I really needed it. It glinted at me in a little crystal shop and I held a piece in my hand. This uniquely green rock fit perfectly and gave me instant comfort, so of course I took it home with me.

I consulted Melody’s book, “Love is in the Earth” first. She states that this stone is great for aligning the ethereal nervous system to the physical nervous system. This enables the stone to help one go from despair to peace. When I encountered the stone I was indeed at a very low point and I felt something instantly when I picked it up. I also have a very extensive stone collection so there is a certain level of symbolism in that I did not have any variscite, then it came to me when I needed it most.

I cleaned and energized my piece of variscite and carried it with me. I held it in my hand for comfort and I used it for meditation, and I did feel better. I was surprised by the power this one little stone had.

Melody also states that variscite stimulates the heart chakra, so it brings a some love with it’s nurturing powers.

Collen Marquist and Jack Frasl mention in “Crystalline Communion” that when used in healing, placing variscite on the first chakra helps channel unwanted energy into the earth.

Some other good things about variscite- (from “Crystal Power, Crystal Healing” by Michael Gienger)
– It promotes authenticity and truthfulness and when worn or carried helps people show who they truly are.
– It helps us express ourselves clearly and increases perception.
– It helps with spirituality and the development of interests.
– I mentioned that it is a spirit lifter, but this translates into variscite being an energy lifter in general and can be very helpful with persistent tiredness. But while it lifts the energy it produces a calm feeling and soothes inner turmoil.

All in all, I have found variscite to be a great stone. It came to me when I needed it most and really helped to ease my woes. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a little pick me up, spiritual energy boost.

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  1. Crystal
    Nov 03, 2012 @ 09:39:41

    I feel much the same way about hematite that you do about variscite! A wonderful stone that came to me, by way of a witchy, rock-using friend, when I desperately needed grounding. It’s amazing what simply carrying a stone like that can do. 🙂


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