So here we are at X….this should be interesting for all us bloggers in the project. As for me, of course I started with Barbara G. Walker’s “Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets”, and there were a couple interesting entries for X. One I will save for next week. The other is very short and sweet, but it intrigued me so I want to share it.

Xikum- the Babylonian Tree of Heaven, or Tree of Life. It is an emblem of Ishtar and symbolizes her spreading her branches above into the heavens and sending her roots down into the underworlds. The Mosleums attempted to demonize this Mother tree and in the Koran refer to the tree as Zakkum, the Tree of Hell.

The Xikum is a fig tree, and Jesus was also allegedly involved as well. The fig is a female symbol and associated with Ishtar and other goddesses, and this probably did not sit well with early Christians. Jesus cursed the fig tree and made it forever barren (Mark 11:13-22)… Is this a way to express dissatisfaction and hostility to what was a well known Goddess symbol?

Whatever the case may be I could not find much information on Xikum, but Walker’s very short entry in her encyclopedia did catch my interest. My web search did not produce much and my best bet would be to follow Walker’s cited references provided in the encyclopedia. Wow- that would leave me to go out and find an actual book! Remember those days? Thumbing through books, feeling, hearing, and smelling them? I do actually still spend a lot of time perusing books….. I love books…. But I digress…

So there’s my two cents on Xikum. I hope it brought a little thought about the Tree of Life into your day!


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