X in and of itself…

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the letter X. And really it carries so many varied meanings just on its own, one little letter. I stated in last week’s blog that I was going to discuss another deity with an X name, but this week rolled around and it just wasn’t speaking to me. But I had been spending a lot of time thinking about the letter X and how strange and different it is from the other letters of the alphabet. It really carries it’s own magic, and it’s positively ripe with symbolism.

The one phrase that keeps screaming in my head is X marks the spot. X is one big spot marker alright, and how many treasure maps have you seen that mark the treasure spot with some letter other than X? X can clearly show us the way to something special, and it marks the spot where mystery and adventure lay hidden.

But a big ol’ X can also mean that something is off limits, or no longer available. So there’s a nice little dichotomy….X can mark the spot of something valuable and special, but it can also warn us to stay away or designate that something is off limits or gone completely.

And I can’t help but think back to algebra class when more often than not we had to solve for X. Yeah, sometimes we solved for Y or Z or some other variable, but the most common is definitely X. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I realize that’s a great phrase, solve for X. In the equation of your life, what is the X you need to solve for?

How about when cartoon characters die? Their little eyes become Xs. Back to the image of X representing something bad, something that is now gone or off limits.

Of course there’d the X-ray, a ray capable of seeing through our clothes and skin all the way to our insides. That’s a pretty deep, metaphorical concept if you stop and think about it. What if we all had X-ray eyes and could see into inanimate objects like buildings as well as people? What if we had X-ray vision that could see into people’s souls? Would you want to see all that? Do you want to know people’s most intimate thoughts? Do you want to always know what’s going on behind closed doors?

Finally, how about the X rating? If it’s an X rating you know it’s gonna’ be dirty. But just one X sometimes is not naughty enough, and we have to go to XXX. Now that’s REALLY dirty. But why does it jump from one to three X’s? Why is there no XX? And how did the letter X become the rating for porn or at least really explicit material anyway?

So that’s what’s been in my head all week. While wracking my brain trying to think of X topics I realized that the letter X is really a topic in and of itself. It is truly a magical letter that holds symbolism and is rich with meaning…many different meanings. I’m thinking now how to incorporate X into spell work. Since it can represent so much my brain is spinning with the myriad of ways it could be used in magic. But I have to keep in mind that since it does represent so many different concepts it would have to be used with care. I don’t want to send any XXX rated spells out into the world.


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