Yin Yang

Being a Gemini, I have always been attached to the concept of duality. That being said, it would only make sense that I love the concept of yin and yang. I think it’s safe to say that we all recognize that symbol, and it’s pretty common in pop culture and as a graphic on tee-shirts, bags, posters, and what-not. Although I do not have a bunch of yin yangs in my house or on my clothing I do love what the symbol represents.

Duality and balance…..so important. We can’t have night without day, male without female, hot without cold, love without hate…..I could go on forever. But the point is we need those opposites. If we didn’t have cold how could we appreciate the heat, and vice versa. That’s the duality part.

And balance? Well all those opposites need to be in balance in order to achieve harmony. But let’s get real. How often in your life are all your oppositions in perfect balance? At least for me the answer is almost never. But I think that’s the lesson of the yin yang. We are striving for that balance, yet never able to achieve it with 100% accuracy, and that is what keeps us going. That gives us a goal, something to work towards to become better, more spiritually fulfilled people.

Of course the yin yang symbol shows us perfect balance. There is just as much black as there is white. And within the black swirl there is one white dot, and the white swirl has its black dot. The yin yang has achieved the elusive perfect balance.

I always keep my eye out for the opposites in my life and I try to bring them into balance, but that is very hard. This practice works very well as a spiritual and self betterment exercise. Am I spending too much time sitting around on the couch? Time to focus on the opposite and get myself moving outside. Am I stewing in a pot of negative juices? Time to pull myself up by the bootstraps and find something to be positive about.

I’ve found it also works like this. When I’m going through a low point in life I know that things will get better and I am able to have complete faith in that. If you are a follower of duality and balance it’s easy to understand that things will take a swing for the good. You have to have those low points to balance the high ones, and when you have had the bad the good becomes so much sweeter.

My advice for what it’s worth- look at the opposites in your life and strive to find the balance between them. It’s a lesson that will never be completed and is always evolving and changing, but it’s so worth the effort.


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