Yerberia- the magic store alternative

This post comes with a disclaimer….I am about to write on a topic that is outside my culture and something I really know very little about. My intent is simply to share my thoughts on the subject and I do not mean to offend or speak as an authority on this topic.

So I want to talk about the Yerberia. In simple terms, a Yerberia is a store with Hispanic roots that sells herbs, stones, books, icons, and all kinds of wonderful Pagany items. I honestly knew nothing about them until a few years ago when I lived in San Antonio, Texas. Although growing up in Arizona I’m sure they were everywhere and I just didn’t notice.

I first discovered Yerberias when I was at a total loss for a good magic/pagan store. I had always lived in places like Arizona and Colorado that were full of crystal shops and metaphysical bookstores. Then I moved to Cleveland, Ohio. I had always taken the availability of magic stores for granted, but Cleveland showed me that in much of the country a good magic store is hard to find.

After Cleveland it was on to Huntsville, Texas. No magic stores there. Next up, San Antonio, a city also lacking in magic stores. It was here that I was introduced to the Yerberia or Botanica, another name for these wondrous little stores. But it was not until I moved to Houston that I began to visit the Yerberia on a regular basis. Houston does have a few fantastic magic stores, but they are not close to my house. Being an active Pagan I often need items like herbs and stones and I’m not into driving 40 minutes to go to the Magic Cauldron, what I consider to be Houston’s best magic store. So the Yerberia it is.

But going to the Yerberia as a lilly white girl with no Spanish vocabulary takes some bravery. The Yerberia is very different from the sparkly metaphysical bookstores and crystal shops I am used to. Yerberias are most often located in the Hispanic areas of the city. They are usually small and honestly a little dingy looking from the outside. Sometimes they practically blend into the surroundings and you really have to be on the look out to spot them. Once inside be ready for anything, and be ready to conduct your business in Spanish, although sometimes the clerk speaks English.

Most Yerberias have a huge variety of herbs, although you need to know the Spanish name for some of them. The good ones also have stones and crystals, fetishes, books, and a whole plethora of magical items. My favorite one is an amazing smorgasbord of Pagan items and their collection of books on Voodoo is beyond compare. The shop is tiny but packed to the brim with every goodie you can imagine, and the owner speaks really good English. I have found that this Yerberia has everything I need for whatever I may be up too, and also features items I have never seen before in the most witchy of stores.

And thus I have become a haunter of the Yerberia. Whenever I check out a new one the people working there seem a bit surprised to see me walk in, but they have always been very nice and friendly. I would recommend visiting the local Yerberia to anyone as an adventure in Pagan shopping. I am so glad to have found them, and thank goodness they’re out there as they have beautifully served all my Pagan needs.


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  1. pauli
    Dec 12, 2015 @ 21:04:24

    Thank you for your bit on yerberias. I live in the McAllen/Mission TX area and there are lots of them down here. If you were scared, try being a Hispanic chick that speaks only a few elementary words and looks filipino. So you give me more courage to visit one, but I’m sure they won’t be as nice to me as they were to you. I think some Hispanics look down on me for not knowing my native tongue but oh well.


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