Another Pagan Blog Project

I have to say, I’m very excited to be doing this project again. I did it in 2012 and I did it with complete commitment. That is, I posted every week on Friday no matter what was going on in my life. I suppose that is why I had to take a break from it last year. But I missed it and I thought about it often, and I did swing over and visit a number of blogs throughout the year. So now I’m back, and happy to be so.

Because this project meant more to me than I expected when I began it in 2012 I’d like to make that my first post. Please allow me to take a moment to tell everyone why this project is and was special to me. Those of you who have done it before please feel free to chime in and let us know what you got out of it. Newbies, please share why you decided to do the project and what you hope to gain. And perhaps this post will give you a little insight as to what the Pagan Blog Project can do for you.

The PBP 2012 experience definitely made me feel more connected to the Pagan community. It was wonderful to hear from so many voices and points of view. I learned so much new and good stuff and I strengthened and reaffirmed the beliefs I already held. A surprise to me was I actually made some friends. People who I never met, but developed a fairly rich blogging friendship with. I must admit some of that came through Twitter, so I encourage PBP participants to post to Twitter and follow each other. It’s a cool way to get to know each other outside of the blogosphere. Some of these friends stayed with me throughout 2013 and I think about them in my daily life and have a true interest in what they are doing.

Yes, the PBP 2012 helped me connect to the Pagan community, but it also helped me define, codify, and adapt my beliefs. Before beginning the 2012 project I knew I was Pagan. And not that we need labels to define our beliefs, but I now know I am a solitary, eclectic, metaphysical pagan with strong leanings toward Eastern religions, particularly Hinduism.

The project taught me that I do have a valid voice and that people are interested to hear it. I was nervous in 2012 to make authoritative statements on Pagan themes, but I learned to trust myself. After all, I had been a practicing Pagan for close to fifteen years, and some aspects like astrology, chakra work, and crystal healing had been in my life since I was a teenager. I always check my work and back up my statements, but the project allowed me to get comfortable with voicing my beliefs and gave me confidence to speak about what I have learned and what I am learning.

In addition to getting comfortable with sharing my beliefs in writing, the project taught me that I can actually write and get some enjoyment out of it. Writing was never my friend, but I sure love to read. And I sure have a lot to say so I always thought it’d be great if I could make peace with my hatred of writing. The 2012 project helped me with that in incredible ways. I started The World According to ChinaCat for the sole purpose of doing the 2012 PBP, so when I see Facebook posts from people who did the same it warms my heart. As I began blogging I discovered the act of writing a post once a week greatly improved my writing skills. My first posts were pretty clunky, but as the project moved forward I definitely developed more elegance. Although I still have a long way to go, and a lot more to learn about being a writer.

In 2013 I even started another blog on a very different topic. I started it because I missed blogging but wanted to have more focus in pictures, and I discovered I had a deep, age-old love obsession with My Little Pony. Thus Pony Chronicles was born…but I digress….

But here’s the kicker…. In 2013 I got a book deal! Crazy. A girl who thought she could not write got a book contract, and the 2012 PBP played a huge role in that because it showed me that I could organize my thoughts and write stuff people may actually enjoy reading. My book is not Pagan, and it’s not even a physical book. Rather, I am writing an online textbook for Dance Appreciation, a subject I love and teach. But if it weren’t for the PBP I would never have thought I could get through writing a textbook.

Now let me say this, because of the book deal I know I cannot commit to posting every week. But I will make the commitment to post at least once per letter. This is big for me, because if I make the commitment I will stick to it come hell or high water. I’m also going to try and do shorter posts. Yeah, I’m off to a great start there….

I hope I generated some excitement for the Pagan Blog Project. It did some monumental things for my life and I wish for others to have similar experiences. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the project whether you are a blogging vet or new to the blog life. Above all else, I hope everyone has a wonderful year blogging it out in the PBP! I’m excited to see where we go and what we learn.


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