Bowl of Beetles

Ok, ok, I’m not going to write about a literal bowl full of beetles. I was just trying to get your attention. But I will take a moment to briefly address each item. I did say I was only committing to one post per letter, but I’ve been thinking more on “B” words and I can’t resist giving a little shout out to bowls and beetles.

Fun pic from a fun website- Click the pic to visit.

Fun pic from a great blog- Click the pic to visit.

I love bowls. They’re so cool, all curved and smooth and ready to accept whatever you’re about to put in them. They can be such a mundane, everyday item. They can also be very sacred vessels. Of course I use bowls a lot for eating, even foods that aren’t necessarily bowl foods. And I have a lovely collection of kitchen bowls. None of them match each other or any of the other dishes because I like to buy them individually when one speaks to me.

I have a whole bunch of altar and sacred bowls as well, and I know we can all relate to how useful they are for magic and spell work. They’re ever so handy for holding and mixing magical herbs, potions, and oils, and they’re a perfect vessel for making offerings to one’s deity of choice.

The bowl itself has wonderful symbolism. They are capable of holding just about anything, so they speak to acceptance, tolerance, and diversity. They are great for mixing things together, so they speak to blending and unity. Once your bowl is full it’s contents are in there chilling out in harmony and unity, ready to be offered, used in a crafty way, or eaten.

Yep, bowls are cool. We all have them and use them everyday, and probably have kitchen bowls, magic bowls, and altar bowls. What sweet little vessels. Give your bowls a little love the next time you use one, which will probably be very soon.

June bug/Watermelon bug

June bug/Watermelon bug

So how about those beetles? Those are pretty cool, too. I’ve always loved beetles and used to play with them as a kid. We had huge ones that are pretty common across the United States. We called them June bugs or watermelon bugs. They had beautiful striped shells, wondrous fluffy antennae, and furry little chests. I want to say they’d hiss at you when you plucked them off the window screen (they loved to hang out on the window screens) but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. I also love the metallic ones, and the crazy rhinoceros beetles with the giant horns.

Of course we all know about scarab beetles, which were highly revered in Ancient Egypt. I like those as well, but I really am into the shiny jungle beetles and the everyday backyard beetles the most. Side story: I have no tattoos and probably never will because I am so scarred of needles. But back in the day when I was younger and more tolerant to pain I wanted to get a huge metallic beetle on my back. Although I was down to get the tattoo at that time I was super poor, being a young college student. So that ended that. It’d be pretty sweet to have a giant beetle tattoo. But unfortunately now that I have the money I also have the fear.

Your basic beetle has to do with resurrection and change. Just as many insects do, the beetle goes through some pretty crazy life stages from grub to adult. They develop tough shells or exoskeletons, which protect their bodies and also hide their delicate wings. This speaks to both protection and defense. It is also like they are hiding a little secret that they can fly. Although, they do not fly well. Here in Texas we get some sort of little brown beetle that tends to get trapped in the house. They fly in heavy, wild bursts, hitting the walls and the furniture and driving the cats’ nuts. It’s all I can do to try and save them and release them outdoors before the cats strike. Here my brain wanders to the big beetle in “A Bug’s Life” who had some issues around the grace of his flying or something like that….my memory is a little cloudy…

Maybe I will come up with a little spell or ritual that uses beetles in a bowl. Something that calls for resurrection, protection, unity, diversity, something along those lines…I’ll let you know if I come up with anything. Of course no beetles will be harmed. Yes, I do have a little collection of dead beetles that I have found over the years. If stored well you can hang onto a dead insect for a very long time.

Long story short, take a moment to appreciate the coolness of your bowl the next time you use one. And love those little beetles the next time one crosses your path.


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