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I’ve never been much of a dog person. I like them. I am very much in support of dog rescue organizations and my heart breaks if I see one that is neglected or hurt or suffering. I will also help one out if need be. But I’ve always been way more into cats. In my adult life I have had nine cats and only two dogs, but those two dogs were/are very special.



Currently I have Pasha, a rescue dog that I got about four years ago. He is a giant, or king (so I’ve heard), black Pomeranian. Meaning, he is very big for a Pom. Most Poms are 5-7 pounds. Pasha is more in the 20-pound range. He came to me after I sent word out to the universe that I was ready to have a dog after a many year break. I had a close and loving relationship with my previous dog, Rainbow, a collie mix, and it took me a few years to want a dog again. Eventually I needed to have dog energy in my life. I was looking for the companionship that only a dog can give, and I was ready to once again have that special bond that can only be found in the dog/human relationship.

I really wanted a Pom or a Maltese, but I was insistent that it be a rescue. Yes, there are breed specific rescue organizations, but there was not a Pom or Maltese one near me. So I waited, and sure enough a Pom turned up. The vet tech overheard me talking about it one day at the vet, and she happened to work for a no-kill shelter that had just picked one up.

Because we are not full blown dog people, my husband and I had some pretty specific criteria we were looking for in a canine companion. For one, I don’t do puppies. That is way too much for me. I also cannot handle a super high-energy dog. We wanted a nice, mellow, house-trained, non-barky, cat loving not chasing, friendly dog that didn’t chew stuff up. I wanted one that would fit in a purse, and I was into Poms because I love super fluffy, long-haired dogs (Rainbow had an amazingly fluffy coat).

So I drove way out into the country to the shelter to see this Pom. They brought him out to me and he was huge! The tech had neglected to mention that this was a king Pom. But we hung out and I decided I wanted to give it a try.

Honestly, it was a little rough at first, and he almost went back to the shelter. He wasn’t really potty trained, and he was peeing on the walls and white carpet of our rental house. I spoke with a lady reputed to be the “San Antonio Dog Whisperer” who told me to do everything she said. I did, and I also said to Pasha, “look, we have to turn this around or I can’t keep you…. and I’d really like to keep you”.  And Pasha turned it around.

Pasha and his cat brothers.

Pasha and his cat brothers.

Now he’s my bestest, most loyal companion. We are a match made in heaven and he is the perfect dog for me. Oh yeah, my hubby really loves him too…but Pasha and I have a special relationship. He is a cuddly bugger and he gets to come in the bed with me every morning when my husband goes to work. My hubby even lifts him up into the bed when he gets up because it’s a little hard for Pasha to jump up there on his own. And he’s here right now sleeping beside me on the couch.

I would consider what Pasha has brought into my life to be textbook dog symbolism. He has given me unconditional love, loyalty, and fidelity. He offers me protection (basically…he’s kind of a scaredy cat…sometimes it’s hard to tell who is protecting who) and we definitely communicate with each other. Although he is not a barker (yay) we still connect and communicate in so many ways. Dogs are supposed to teach us about obedience, but that’s a skill Pasha could work on. He’s actually very stubborn at times, which is a Pom characteristic, so he can’t really help it. He’s very spoiled (SBOD- spoiled brat only dog) because he’s my special guy, my bestie, and I am super crazy for him. He also sorta’ acts like a cat, and he gets along very well with his feline brothers and sister. One cat in particular will lie in his fur and let Pasha lick his face and ears for long stints of time.

Although I do not consider myself to be a dog person, I certainly love my Pasha. And he really does demonstrate so many of the typical characteristic dog meanings and symbolism. He has taught me so much about what it means to be a good companion and to love someone no matter what. I know I can tell him anything, and he will always be there for me, as I will for him.


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