Divine Timing

I hate to be late. I’m usually that person who gets to everything to early, and then I find myself having to kill a little time. But I will take that over being late. I have not always been this way. In my college days I was terrible. I showed up to everything late. Eventually I had a professor who set me straight and allowed me to see the error of my ways. Now I am on time most of the time, and if I am late there is a good reason for it…usually.

Because I hate being late I sometimes stress that I am going to arrive somewhere late, or almost late, and have to rush around. I absolutely hate having to rush around. I live in Houston, a huge city with awful traffic and parking issues so I always have to take that into account, and leave time for it. At times I will be convinced that I am going to be late because I can’t possibly have enough time to get there and find parking.

So one day my husband and I were going to see our friend in a play. The venue was on the other side of town (that is no joke in Houston as the other side of town can mean an hours drive) and we had never been there before. We left with plenty of time, but of course there was traffic and we got a little lost. Needless to say I was stressing out that we would not make it in time and my husband told me to relax, and have some faith in “divine timing”, a phrase I’m sure he just made up on the spot. The phrase gave me pause, and he explained that I should relax and rest assured that we would make it in plenty of time. And we did. I even had time to pee before the show started, an activity I always have to account for in my timing.

Ever since that day I have incorporated the idea of divine timing in my life, and it has really helped me relieve some stress around the idea that I am going to be late.  When I know I have left with ample time, but then traffic gets bad or I start to think about parking, I remember divine timing. I will get there in plenty of time. Just chillax and enjoy the ride.

I have to make sure to point out that divine timing is not for the chronically late. It is not an excuse for lateness, nor can you be truly running late and expect divine timing to magically get you there on time. It doesn’t work that way. Rather, divine timing is for the chronically early who stress out that they will still be late somewhere. It’s a way for those of us with that particular neurosis to clam down and have faith that we will get there on time.

Divine timing also makes interesting use of urban paganism. For it to work the gods of traffic and parking have to be on your side. I have little prayers I’ve made up for the urban gods. Divine timing aside I have to say a little prayer to the parking gods just about every day, and I constantly keep protection spells on my car. I have less success with the traffic gods…. I must have really angered them in some way…. and I live in Houston.

I suppose diving timing could be used in other ways. It’s just a basic idea that things will happen when they are supposed to happen. In this way it can have much bigger implications beyond getting places on time. When you magically get a new job opportunity just when your current job has taken a bad turn or find yourself pregnant after a long struggle with infertility, you are dealing with divine timing in a different manifestation. I like to have faith in this type as well. Things will happen when they happen for a reason. We may not know the reason, but it’s not for us to question the work of the universe.

I will continue to have faith in divine timing in it’s many forms. It has definitely helped me calm down about my late anxiety, and it has helped me trust in the timing and wisdom of the universe. I’ll be using it right now as I drive home through rush hour traffic…..I’m in no hurry…..I’ll get home in plenty of time to do whatever it is I do there…..now I’m just going to sit here in this mass of traffic and listen to some good music on the radio, and do some serious thinking.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yvonne Ryves
    Feb 22, 2014 @ 01:34:35

    I’ll have to try Divine Timing, I too hate being late for anything. I think mine is a hangover from infant school when we lived opposite the school but somehow I was always late.


  2. chinacat27
    Mar 02, 2014 @ 05:42:31

    and I still find I have moments when I fall into a “time hole” and am late to something for no apparent reason 🙂


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