A couple weeks ago, back on the second “h” entry, I was very excited to write a particular post on a certain “h” topic. But before I settled down to write I headed off to my usual Friday afternoon practice at the ice-rink. I was only minutes into my practice line up when bam, I fell on my ass, which as you can imagine happens a lot in figure skating. I pride myself on being a good faller. That is, I think years of dance training have given me a good instinct for how my body should fall in order to land without injury. I was even hit by a car a few months ago and I fell so well that I got up and waked away with not even a scratch….although that was a bit traumatizing…..

But two weeks ago at the rink I fell and reached my left hand back to catch the fall. Not smart. You always want to fall on the meaty parts of your body. To top it off I was traveling backwards at a swift speed. I heard the pop. Being in dance I’ve seen many dancers injure themselves and instantly say “I heard something pop!” But I had never heard the pop in my body. This time I did, and I knew it was bad.

I had an amazing goose egg on my wrist and there was instant massive swelling. I drove home one handed, wrapped it up in an ace bandage, took a bunch of Advil, got the ice pack, and called it good. I avoided the doctor for days but finally a friend got me to relent and go. And sure enough I fractured my radius. I actually cried when the doctor told me I had to have a cast. A cast! I’ve never had a cast, and the thought of not being able to use that hand was rough. I currently am in the final stretch of building an art car to drive in a huge parade on May 10 and I really need both hands for that. I was also very upset about the thought of not skating for a few weeks. I was just getting good. Missing one week of practice can mess you up, let alone three or four.

So what’s the point of all this? Why am I posting this in the PBP? Because once again I feel the universe is speaking. There is something I have to learn from fracturing my arm, that is why it happened. Honestly, I’m not completely sure of the answer yet, but I am searching and listening. I have to accept this, and acknowledge there are many, many worse things that can happen besides breaking your arm.

The art car team has rallied, and I think we are going to pull it off. I have all summer to focus on skating, and with focus and determination I will get back to where I was quickly….this time wearing wrist guards. And I will come up with a different word to represent that special “h” topic I so want to write about.

I also wanted to touch base with the PBP community and let you know where I’ve been. I’m sure I’ll just be doing one post per letter until the cast comes off as it is tedious and time consuming to type with one hand. I may get a dictation program, but we’ll see.

The ultimate lesson in all this….everything happens for a reason, even fractured wrists.



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