Let’s Talk About Larimar

I think it’s about time I discuss another precious stone in this blog. I am a stone and crystal junkie. I love them and my house is full of them. I’m a pretty good arm-chair gemologist, if I say so myself. I can usually surprise people with my ability to identify precious stones and gems, and I know a lot of strange ones. I’m always thrilled when people bring me stones I do not have in my collection and I’m always on the look-out for new acquisitions.

polished larimar

So, onto larimar. Larimar is a beautiful sky blue stone. I’ve heard that it comes in other colors, but I have never encountered it in anything but an amazing blue tone. I have a strange reaction to the color of larimar (and some colors of turquoise, particularly Sleeping Beauty). Maybe I’m revealing a personal oddity here, but whenever I see these beautiful blue tones I want to put the rock in my mouth. Weird, I know, and probably revealing a deep-seeded oral fixation of some kind, but that’s how it goes.

Larimar was not discovered until very recently in the Dominican Republic, perhaps only a decade ago. I couldn’t come up with an exact date, but honestly I did not look too hard. This late discovery is interesting to me. I love the idea that there are still precious stones out there waiting to be discovered. I also think when a stone is recently discovered it unearths itself because it has something prevalent to say to the present world. Or perhaps its particular properties are very needed in the time of the stones discovery.

Now, before I go into the properties of larimar, I have to point out something that troubles me. I love, love, love stones and gems but I have a problem with how we obtain them. That is, these stones have to be mined, which doesn’t sit well with me. I hate that we have to dig-up the earth to get to these stones. Many stones are collected in basically respectful ways, but many others are not. Sometimes you know how a stone was harvested, but that is pretty rare. At first I thought the mining wasn’t too big a worry because the stones were limited. But then I went to the Tucson Gem and Mineral show in the early 1990’s. That drove home the point that these stones are mined, and they are mined in large quantities.

Needless to say, I still buy, trade, and collect stones. To the best of my ability I try and stick to stones that are hand collected rather than coming from a big mining conglomerate. But I can’t always know that what I’m buying wasn’t mined. My point of this little diatribe is, if you are a rock lover just be aware that we get rocks from mines. Think about what that means to you and make buying decisions you are comfortable with. One stone I do not have in my life is diamond because I cannot come to terms with how diamonds are obtained. They really are a blood stone and even my wedding ring is diamond free.

Alright, onto happier more positive thoughts…onto the healing properties of larimar.

Larimar is said to represent the blue part of the flame, which is the hottest part of the fire. Therefore many of its properties play into this notion of the heat of the flame. For example, larimar helps burn out things like viruses, germs, bacteria, molds, and fungus making it a great aid in relieving the common cold or the flu. It also helps us share our internal fire with others. That is, larimar helps us express our inner selves to the world. Along these lines, it also promotes the externalization of our internal beauty and intensity.

rough larimar

This blue flame idea is also seen in larimar’s ability to act as a beacon that attracts good intentions, prayers, blessings, and healing energy. In the spirit realm, larimar is referred to as incandescent because in that realm its energy is very clear and brilliant.

This stone also provides the stimulation for people to take control of their lives. It eases constructive thinking and stimulates creative activity. It brings inner peace and helps to dissolve sacrificial behavior and suffering. It can ease excess emotions and larimar helps one remain calm and relaxed during dramatic life changes and situations. On top of all this, it dissolves energy blocks and strengthens one’s ability to self-heal, be it emotional or physical.

A very cool property of larimar is it helps us just let life happen. It allows us to refrain from trying to manipulate things and events. Larimar is always trying to teach us to be calm and let life’s events happen as they will, while trusting that we are heading in the right direction.

And finally I have to share this very fabulous property of larimar. I think this is best as a direct quotation from Michael Gienger’s book, Crystal Power, Crystal Healing.  “Larimar makes us aware of the extent of the effectivity of our personal spectrum and shows us that the spirit only has boundaries wherever it believes in them.” Wow. That’s a really fabulous statement, and a really powerful rock.

I think larimar has surfaced recently because it wants to share its spirit healing properties with the world. It’s trying to tell us to get back in touch with our inner flame, and stop manipulating the world to fit our needs. It’s time to trust in the soul of the earth and let nature run its course without trying to change Mother Earth to comply with what we think she should be. Larimar is also telling us to rediscover ourselves and the amazing powers humans carry within that have ultimately been buried over the centuries.

So there you go. Larimar is a pretty cool rock with a lot to teach us. I’m so happy to have it in my life, and I will do my best to keep it out of my mouth. Although, perhaps sucking rocks is an underutilized way to get to their healing properties…I just might test this theory and get back to you…and don’t worry, I know enough not to put any rocks which may be harmful into my mouth.


I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I own and have read many, many books on crystals and stones and the following books are by far my favorites and the best in my humble opinion.

Gienger, Michael. Crystal Power, Crystal Healing, the Complete Handbook. Octopus Publishing Group Ltd., 2009

Frasl, Jack & Collen Marquist. Crystalline Communion 2000. Earthlight Inc. 1999

And although I did not use her books for this post, as long as I’m shouting out the best books on crystals I have to mention “Love is in the Earth” by Melody. Her books also top my list as some of the best crystal books EVER.